Meet AgileMapper by RoadBotics®

Snap, map, and tag assets using the power and speed of artificial intelligence

AgileMapper helps you create a mapped and tagged asset image library so you can start making better data-driven decisions today. 

Data-driven decisions begin with clear and actionable information. Download the AgileMapper mobile app to begin quickly collecting and tagging images, and use the AgileMapper desktop website to manage and report on asset collections. 

Start with the AgileMapper Mobile App

Once you’ve downloaded the AgileMapper mobile app on your smartphone, you can begin collecting images of your assets whenever and wherever you’d like. Each image is automatically geo-tagged, time-stamped, and user-referenced. 

Your images update in real-time to the AgileMapper desktop website where they are immediately mapped and tagged, improving transparency and accountability between the field and office. 

Have other images on your smartphone already? You can upload those to AgileMapper, too. 

You can create new Projects out of image collections or go back to already established Projects to pick up where you left off. In the field, you can quickly record, react, and arrange images within your Projects. 

All of your data is stored in the Cloud, saving space on your personal smartphone and keeping your data secure. 

Speed Up the Process with Artificial Intelligence

After an image of an asset is captured and the geo-tag, time-stamp, and user reference is applied, our AI goes to work!

Using a comprehensive set of tags like traffic signs, benches, manholes, and fire hydrants, your images are automatically identified and tagged by our AI. 

If you have already established naming conventions, you can create your own tags to manually label assets. 

All of these tags can be easily grouped and searched, so you can quickly find what you are looking for later.

The images can be searched by keyword, tags, users, location and even date and time for even more flexibility.

Easily Organize Projects and Progress

Project management is easier with objective information and clear communication. 

With AgileMapper, your organization has one account for as many users as you’d like to add. You can create projects, add locations, and assign teams right from your desktop.

The straightforward interface allows each user to customize their own settings, add and tag images, and save comments on each image.   

Each time you log in, you’ll see all activity since your last session under Notifications. 

Get Started With AgileMapper!